Eight Paws and a Universe of Love


In 2014 life changed forever, with the entry of this little pup called I decided to name Tito. He was a small, and frail thing that my sister brought home because he was the ‘runt’ of the litter that no one really wanted (she had an affinity for saving anything from chickens to cats). After one day of him being in our life, I was smitten with this little guy and we decided maybe he should have a friend. Lulu (as we named her) was his half-sister and a ball of energy, loud and loved to cuddle. Our minds were made, these are our pups so like any responsible paw-rent we took them to the vet for their health check, shots, and deworming.

One day after their first immunization we noticed little Lulu was suddenly very lethargic just like her brother. Boy were we in for an uphill battle! We returned to the veterinarian and were told “sorry it seems as if both pups have parvo-virus”. Little Tito was already weak and Lulu was steadily heading downhill but I vowed we would fight and get through this; sleeping on the floor and hourly forced liquids, feedings, and cleanups. Yes, I definitely had it all under control…or did I? Tito seemed so much stronger to then have the rug pulled out under me. He passed away in my hands and boy did I cry. Crying was an understatement because this pup, that was in my life for a little over one week ripped my heart out. There wasn’t even a moment to get over the loss of Tito when Lulu as well displayed signs of greater severity in her illness.

No way was I losing my Lulu also! I called the veterinarian late that night and he actually said he would see her, so I bundled up my baby girl and we rushed out with her. It was there they hooked her up to IV’s and she cried and fought as hard as her little energy would allow. Boy did I want to cry watching her cry, my poor baby girl!! The veterinarian decided to keep and treat her, but no matter what I did, my mind was only on my Lulu and if she would be ok; each day I would visit she would look a little worse and my mind said ‘”be prepared for what may come” but I definitely didn’t want to believe it.

That was until one day, one really happy day, I called as the office opened to check in before my visit and they said “Lulu is doing better! We will admit yesterday it didn’t look too good for her but somehow this morning we came in and she is barking and begging to come out of the crate!”

At this moment I knew we had a hell of a fighter on our hands and we couldn’t help but be overly excited and celebrate that soon she would be home again, once they finished monitoring her for a few days. A few days later couldn’t come fast enough, when, the person that gave us the pups told us about being so impressed about our care for them she wanted to gift us Tito’s sister. What a delight!! We could not wait to have these two balls of furry energy in our home, eight paws, and a universe of love!!