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Our products may not contain any artificial preservatives, but through a combination of ingredient selection, and a specific and carefully designed drying process, our ingredients last one year from the date of manufacture. This is printed to the back of all packages.

After purchasing, as long as the bags are resealed using the zip closure, we recommend keeping the items out of direct heat and sunlight. Your counter top, pantry or any other cool place will do just fine.

Refrigeration is an option should you feel the need to, but isn’t necessary.

Our treats are intentionally designed to be crunchy. This is due to the process of making them to last, as well as the added benefit of giving your pup a bit of a boost with their oral hygiene.

As such, we typically recommend that our treats be given to adult pets, or at least until they can eat crunchy chows. Breaking into smaller pieces can also be an option for pet parents.

We aim to feed your pets with ingredients that you would use to feed yourself. Just as with our meals, they don’t always look the same. Our products are manufactured in small batches, where one day is dedicated to one product/flavor.

While our formula is guaranteed and consistent, variations between batches are normal and highlights the perfect imperfections of our handmade, natural process.

Every animal is different, and some are more sensitive than others. We recommend consulting a veterinarian on your pet’s sensitivities; however, we provide a range of products that cater to a wide spectrum.

Please keep a close eye on our ingredient profile and nutritional content (printed on every bag) to make the best selection for your pet.

No artificial flavours

Made with real meat.

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